Institute of Developmental Biology and Medicine
A database of various sources including but not limited to nucleic acid sequences, genome sequences, and pubmed references.
Ensembl Genome Browser
A database of annotation on selected eukaryotic genomes including Mus musculus.
The Mouse SNP Database
Provides the SNP sites for 20 strains of laboratory mouse.
Mouse SNPs
Provides info of ~10 million SNP locations from many sources.
JAX Mice and Services - The Jackson Laboratory
Provides info of mice and services from the Jackson Laboratory
Mouse Genome Informatics
In integrated database harbors information on the genetics, genomics, and biology of the laboratory mouse.
GNF Symatlas
A web-application provides search for gene expression data.
Allen Brain Atlas
Provides info of gene expression in the mouse brain.
Mouse Phenome database
Provides available mouse phenotype data
Deltagen and Lexicon Knockout (KO) Mice and Phenotype Data
Data of available knockout mice and phenotype
Knockout Mouse Project
A initiative to establish a public resource of mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells containing a null mutation in every gene in the mouse genome
International Mouse Strain Resource (IMSR)
A database of mouse strains and stocks available worldwide
European Mouse Phenotyping Resource of Standardised Screens (EMPReSS)
a database of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for screens that can be used to characterise the phenotype of a mouse
Europhenome Mouse Phenotyping Resource
a database to hold phenome data obtained from the EMPReSS SOPs
Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Database
Provides info of mouse metabolic phenotyping.
The International Gene Trap Consortium (IGTC)
Provides info on all publicly available gene trap cell lines.
Provides a range of genetics, genomices, cell lines and other info about laboratory mouse.
The Texas Institute for Genomic Medicin
Provides info for a gene trap library, a knockout mouse embryonic stem cell resource.


PBmice provides integrated information of PB insertional mutations and their characterizations in mice. MP-PBmice (mapping system of PBmice) is linked to PBmice now.

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